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In a video posted on Instagram, orientation officials lead students in chanting: “SMU boys we like them YOUNG! The student executive will also attend a conference at St. S., and make a presentation at Saint Mary’s University about the issue of consent and sexual assault, said Proctor.

Saint Mary's University says it will conduct a special review to find out why student leaders were chanting about non-consensual underage sex in a video captured during frosh week at the Halifax school. Mary's president Colin Dodds said the behaviour of the students is inexcusable.

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Sexy video chant

‘Not in a million years [did he think the clip would go viral], I heard a few lads singing it at Swindon Town away so I thought sod it I’ll do a video and put it on Facebook and Twitter to see if anything comes of it, and it’s just gone mental since that,’ said Mr Kennedy.

‘My mates often call me childish so to me singing into my computer is perfectly normal.’ Latics chairman, David Sharpe, has confirmed that the club have handed Mr Kennedy a free season ticket and says it’s richly deserved for creating the ‘best chant ever known to man’.

Following this, the inmate drifts off into a fantasy where he and his object of desire roam the countryside.

In the final scene, it becomes clear that the guard's power is no match for the intensity of attraction between the prisoners, even though their relationship is not consummated.

A spokesman for Saint Mary’s University in Halifax says senior administrators were shocked after seeing a video of students in a frosh-week chant condoning non-consensual sex with underage girls.

Steve Proctor says the “sexist and offensive” chant posted on Instagram was led by student orientation leaders at the campus.

A Wigan Athletic fan behind a viral chant in tribute to Latics striker Will Grigg has been rewarded with a free season ticket.

Sean Kennedy is credited with taking Gala’s 90s dance classic ‘Freed from Desire’ and turning it into a terrace favourite for 28-goal Grigg.

The older man is in love with the younger one, rubbing himself against the wall and sharing his cigarette smoke with his beloved through a straw.

The prison guard, apparently jealous of the prisoners' relationship, enters the older convict's cell, beats him, and makes him suck on his gun in a sexual fashion.

Proctor says the Labour Day incident occurred just days after senior school administrators and police met with student union officials and orientation organizers stressing the importance of discouraging sexism and sexual assault during frosh week. “The senior director of student services had met with the [student] executive and the organizing committee …

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