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As some of you may know, my publisher, Samhain, closed. To her delight, Greg Williams plays the role of charming, attentive gentleman so well, she could almost believe the sparks between them are real. Her fast-track career at Hansen Advertising doesn’t give her the time—and it’s the only way to avoid dancing with her creepy, inappropriate co-worker.When a teenaged girl finds herself magically transported into this secret universe, she must band together with a rag-tag team of fun and whimsical characters to save that world, which in turn saves the real world. And if you were wondering who was looking after almost 5-month-old Baby B. TMZ caught up with Michelle last night and they report: Last night in NYC, Michelle revealed Kelly Rowland also pulled a shift watching B. Check it below (l-r): Ralph and Russo, The Blondes, David Koma, Tina Knowles for House of Deréon Couture, (again) Tina Knowles for House of Deréon Couture and (again) Ralph and Russo. Her dancers rocked Dolce and Gabbana & David Koma, while her all-female band wore Alexander Vauthier. Everybody knows what Bey nasty, Smelly Cuchie look like.

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I allowed her to get a on social networking site with Instagram and already she has 10,000 followers.

She already feels judged and there are people stealing her pictures.

Their hot night continues into a warm breakfast at Greg’s favorite back-street diner, where Aisha feels something she hasn’t felt for a long time. Later, though, when she runs into a former client of his who seems eager to compare notes on his erotic bag of tricks, the sizzle begins to cool in shadows of doubt.

When he takes her home and demonstrates—with considerable culinary and sexual skill—that the heat is not her imagination, she can’t say no to his request for her number in lieu of payment. I hope she stays thick and don't get white girl thin again. She is the ultimate performer; I could watch her dance and listen to her sing all day. SHE HAS NO TALENT AND 15 MINUTES LEFT IN HER FAKE ASS CAREER. AMERICA IS TIRED OF LOOKING AT YOU AND JZ'S UGLY FAKE ASS FACES. Making a ass out of Michelle n Kelly like there washed up has been with them babysitting. I would of been the first b*itch to tell Bey hell naw His mother—a single mother of three—has spent thousands of dollars getting her son out of jail and fighting the charges.She thinks her son's race may have played a role in the police department's decision to vigorously punish him.I would let her judge for herself and make her own decisions, she's a smart girl.

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