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Allie Allen was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was 14 and recently suffered a relapse, so she was particularly grateful when her old friend Brayden Carpenter showed up to take her to Homecoming with a shaved head.

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Posting the picture as a Throwback Thursday - as it is from 2010- on both on her Twitter and Instagram the star said: 'Found this today and realized I'm a very blessed and lucky mommy.'Smiling with her boy cradled in her arms, the Lucky singer looked nothing like the sad figure the world had seen head to a Tarzana hair salon on late at night on February 16, 2007.

That night as fans and photographers looked on, the 35-year-old walked into Esther's Haircutting Studio and demand the hairstylist cut off her long brown locks.

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This star has been through hell and back, and she could not be more thankful her journey has come full circle.

At the time, Amber was living in a housing project in The Bronx and supporting herself as a stripper, working the pole at Sue’s Rendezvous in Mount Vernon, in Westchester.

Her first reaction to running her hand over her bald scalp was deep regret.“After I shaved [my hair for the first time],” Amber Rose says, “I cried for a few days until I realized it looked dope.Sinead O’Connor was a bald-headed badass and I loved her.” That impulsive buzz cut made her a star, and today, Rose, 28, shaves her head twice a week (Tamara Beckwith) When Amber Rose was 19, she looked in the mirror and did what most women her age have nightmares about: She took a razor to her scalp and shaved her head.Britney Spears took to social media on Thursday, ten years on since her very public breakdown.While now the 35-year-old is happy and healthy and back to performing for thousands of adorning fans, this time a decade ago, she was in a very dark place.“This photo and the body language expressed are familiar and make me afraid for this girl, and could explain her irrational act,” White wrote. Seweid’s safety as the shaving of the head is standard practice amongst Muslims who adhere to honor punishment. [W]e should keep an eye on Yasmin and her family as this progresses.” Meanwhile, Seweid’s sister, Sara, is blaming the media and New York City police for investigating Yasmin’s claims.

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