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I have enjoyed satellite radio for the last three and a half years. Who wants to listen to advertisements for music sandwiched between advertisements for products when there are so many other options?

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Donny will interact live with Sirius XM listeners, taking their calls and giving advice about relationships, sex, career, parenting and all aspects of life.

No holds barred feedback and an honest male perspective from someone who has seen it all, been there, and wants to help. News co-anchor, producer, actress, and two time New York Times best-selling author Maria Menounos presents Conversations with Maria Menounos!

Sirius XM has a market monopoly on delivering music via satellite.

I’ll admit it, I hated them even using the service, and I ended up a customer anyway.

First, a recap of the news: Sirius is spending $480 million on preferred Pandora stock, which gets the company a 19% stake in the music streaming service.

Sirius will also have three seats on Pandora’s board, and Pandora separately agreed to sell its Ticketfly ticketing unit to Eventbrite for 0 million.

However, Sirius’ business is highly dependent on the automotive market, which is changing as cars are becoming connected, capable of accessing other services over the internet.

Sirius isn’t just lacking an internet strategy, the company also doesn’t have a real answer to the growing popularity of on-demand streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

In 2008, the FCC approved the merger of Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio, basically saying it was OK to create a satellite radio monopoly because otherwise the companies would go out of business due to competition from digital.

The merger was a profitable move for both companies.

The show also features Jenny interacting with her fans with live calls, Tweets and social media.

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