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“Esteban Morillo wishes to defend himself alone, on the basis of the facts, and only the facts,” his new lawyer was quoted as saying by French daily Le Nouvel Observateur.

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Since the founding of the Ku Klux Klan in 1866, dozens of other destructive organizations have sprouted in its wake, including Neo-Nazis and racist skinheads gangs."The groups with Neo-Nazi beliefs tend to be the most violent groups out there now," says Mark Potok, senior fellow at the SPLC.

"And the enemies are Jewish people, gay people, Muslims, nonwhites and on down the list."For Martinez, the attraction to white supremacy was rage.

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We have a few comrades there that are interested in prospecting for us, and starting up a unit.

Samuel Dufour, a 19-year-old far-right extremist, has been charged with violence leading to the death of Méric, but without the intention of killing him, according to judicial sources quoted by French radio RTL on Tuesday.

In the ensuing weeks, France’s Socialist government banned four far-right extremist groups, two of which had ties to those implicated in the death of Méric.

On Monday, Esteban Morillo made the surprise move of changing defense lawyers and distancing himself from far-right groups who had planned a demonstration in his support on September 14th.

"Martinez identified as a white power skinhead for most of her teens.

Martens shoes, a Chelsea haircut (head shaved but for a section in the front), a Fred Perry-brand shirt or sweater under a bomber jacket—so skinheads could find her wherever she moved.

The movement appears to be growing overall—the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which tracks hate groups and their activity, tallied a 48% increase in membership over the last 15 years, and estimates that of the 892 hate groups in the U. today, most are dedicated to white supremacy."Some have been actively reaching out to women," says Blee, who has interviewed members of the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazi groups, Christian Identity sects, and white power skinhead gangs across the U. "They're interested in women because they see them as less likely to attract police attention and less likely to be police informers.

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