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The album was very experimental and can be considered as a reaction to the theft of their instruments in July 1999, in which many irreplaceable guitars and effects pedals were stolen.

This is also the first album since Bad Moon Rising in which Sonic Youth used John Cage-like prepared guitar, for example using a bicycle horn between the strings on Lightnin, a lime between the strings and the first pickup and a file inserted over the neck pickup on Small Flowers Crack Concrete and a drum stick between the strings in Free City Rhymes.

As a result of the theft, the members of Sonic Youth relied upon "old guitars in their studio, unearthing instruments they hadn't used in years" which "along with equipment purchased to fulfill the remaining [...] dates [of the tour], would serve as the foundation for six new songs written over the next month", in addition to "Free City Rhymes" and "Renegade Princess", which were written prior to the tour.

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Sonic Brew is the debut studio album by American heavy metal band Black Label Society, released on October 28, 1998 in Japan and May 4, 1999 in the US by Spitfire Records.

Unlike the albums that followed, this album still possessed a distinct Southern rock overtone that up to this time had predominated Zakk Wylde's solo writing style.

The album was initially released in Japan on October 28, 1998.

It contained 13 tracks (lacking "Lost My Better Half" and "No More Tears"); the cover art was printed on clear plastic, with a separate paper booklet.

is a video game created by Sonic Team and released on 23 December 1998 in Japan by Sega for the Sega Dreamcast and is the first game in the Sonic Adventure series.

One of its development titles was Sonic RPG (although the final product was an adventure game and not a standard RPG).this is my best Sonic game so far (thats why its called "ultimate").the controls was a hard piece of work so I hope you'll enjoy playing it :) the game has 4 playable characters at the beginning and 2 secret characters to unlock.the album has a gloomy, unaccommodating tenacity that's hard to shake." In Spin, Douglas Wolk hailed it as Sonic Youth's "artiest, most texturally spectacular album" yet, writing that it "fashions a link between the free-jazz of the New York Art Quartet and the psychotic spasms of 1978's no wave grail, No New York." According to Robert Christgau, NYC Ghosts & Flowers proved to be Sonic Youth's "dud by acclamation" among critics; he himself had given it a positive review in The Village Voice but later said the record's "meanderings", which had "captivated me in their ambiently environmental way, never fully reconnected" on later listens.Brent Di Crescenzo's review for Pitchfork was far more critical and assigned the album a score of 0.0 out of 10, with the critic panning it as "an unfathomable album which will be heard in the squash courts and open mic nights of deepest Hell." Commenting on the album's avant-garde roots, he said, "These are not new ideas.The team then left the peninsula traveling down through Central America, into South America, Peru, where they visited Cuzco, Mache Picchu and then Ica.

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