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Their eventual meeting at the Internet Refugee Camp, in California, was awkward, as both were shy to speak to each other face to face.

As they walk away from each other, the couple vow to continue online dating, as Amir tells her he will e-mail her when he gets back home.

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“Dating sites do increase the number of people, at least in principle, (who are) interested in meeting you,” says Dan Sapen, Ph.

D., a clinical psychologist who runs a private practice in Long Island, NY.

We're not just a South Park dating site, we're focused on making new relationships.

Something that takes effort and commitment on both sides, this site is for South Park singles who are ready to date.

But, as we’ve all heard, let the buyer beware,” Sapen cautions.

According to Sapen, if you are a woman who is looking for a mate online, you can “assume Mr.

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Regardless, here’s to hoping we see the reunion of Fingerbang in a competitive setting. ISIS, Satan, and Saddam In a cartoon world where Saddam Hussein and Satan have a close relationship — and during a time when there are talks of U. ground troops fighting ISIS in Iraq — it might be a good opportunity to bring back our favorite tyrannical couple to spice things up. Apparently Kid This kid has to — theoretically — be around Ike’s age. Didn’t Chris Rock say Joan Rivers could take on Robin Williams? You get the feeling Randy Marsh and the guys in his Fantasy League would be over the moon about something like this. These are touchy subjects, but that would only seem to encourage Stone and Parker to take them on. Celebrity Babies Remember that episode when Prince George of Cambridge, North West, and Blue Ivy all somehow ended up in the same South Park daycare as Ike? Hasn’t happened yet, but add the new Mendes-Gosling baby to that mix and we might just have something glorious. The Cloud Jennifer Lawrence versus the world, seeking vengeance against perverts and The Cloud.

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