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Trading Date Hello, Thank you so much for your input and response.Also, when I tested entering a new transaction with a date of 30/05/2014 it didn’t update the required ZLast Sale field. Customer ID -- use the appropriate column for joining JOIN deleted AS d ON i. Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.

Instead: update your question by editing it to provide that additional information!

I want to run a trigger when I update a certain field on the database, so it updates another field (basically we have 2 different unique IDs for each record, so when one is changed, we need to update the other too - yay!

I am a newb to SQL and T-SQL and have not created triggers before.

Guidance on how to get this setup would be appreciated.

I want to create a trigger that will copy a record from one table and populate another after an insert or update.

Users will enter a date in an inspection table and I want that date inserted or updated into an asset table date column.

This field should be blank and only update moving forward from now when the Trigger fires.

Unique ID -- use the appropriate column for joining JOIN deleted AS d ON i. I changed your provided example, ran the script and it was successful, however, what it did was to update the ZLast Sale date on all Customers with todays date.

I have to update "table2" from another "table1" located in another database.

The "table1" located in another database is updated daily with transactions from the last day.

SQL Server allows for creating multiple triggers for any specific statement.

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