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in local media reports, then allegedly raped the woman repeatedly, leaving her with such severe injuries that they assumed she would die in the flat, prosecutors said.

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There are refrigerator, freezer and stove in kitchen.

Carl Soderlund wants a chance to tell Iowa policymakers what a University of Iowa education has meant for him.

Beyond the shock at the brutality of the crime, the case also caused controversy in Germany and China because the mother and stepfather of Sebastian F. Chinese consulate gives warning about Germany On Wednesday German media reported that the Chinese consulate in Düsseldorf had issued a warning to its citizens to "pay attention to their personal security, particularly in remote areas." According to Der Westen, the statement in Chinese on the consulate website referred to "the current security situation in its area of responsibility" without going into more specific detail.

The statement was released after a Chinese student was raped on her way home from university in Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia, earlier in November.

“Students are our best advocates for higher education,” says UI President Sally Mason, who’s joining other UI leaders and representatives from some 50 programs at the event.

“I’m always struck by how clearly they understand its impact on their lives, and how passionately they feel about seeing others get the same opportunities.” The Des Moines event started in 2011.Anna also tells a stories about how she’s been able to make connections with professional designers and win awards with her work.If you’d like your tip featured on the show, email it or tweet it to me!Friday's hearing ended after an hour, during which prosecutors read out the charges, court spokesman Frank Straube told AFP."The two defendants are not addressing the accusations against them for the time being," he said.Family apartments can be offered to couples and families with children.

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