Chat with girls without credit cards - Taiwan dating tips

So you don't need to speak Mandarin to meet and date a Taiwanese woman.

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After living in the Orient for 7 years my friends and I all agree - dating in Taiwan is great!

There are a lot of benefits that are worth mentioning that you won't find in other parts of Asia.

But in order to take the stake to the second level, a real good impression needs to be made on the first day itself.

They need to be made comfortable in all respects so they do not feel out of place.

Then chances are you won't have to speak Chinese to have a relationship with a Taiwanese woman.

Then again if you live Formosa's countryside or in smaller cities - you might have some trouble.

In fact you'll find Taiwanese dating to be more fun than you thought!

Most of them are well-educated and you will find yourself having more 'Western-style' conversations with them (debating, current affairs,etc…)This is great because you'll have less of a cultural transition to make than if you were meeting someone from Mainland China (for example.) So besides interacting and dating Taiwanese girls - let's talk about why we recommend Taiwan!

We write from within the heart because we want to share our views on being single in taiwan.

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