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RIP" Tonight's Take Me Out is in memory of Charlie.RIP pic.twitter.com/JPSPWMOf EX— Paddy Mc Guinness (@Paddy Mc Guinness) April 22, 2017 It is understood that 22 year-old Charlie had been suffering from mental heath issues ever since he tragically lost his mother at the age of 9.

Each woman has a (white) light which she can turn off (red) if she is unimpressed by the man.

His aim is to convince as many women as possible to keep their lights on so that he can then pick, from the women remaining, the one that he wishes to take out on a date.

Tonight's (April 29) episode of the popular dating show 'Take Me Out' will feature the date between Glasgow student Jo-Tara and the late Charlie Watkins, who sadly took his own life in March after struggling to cope with the death of his mother.

During last Saturday's (April 22) episode, viewers watched on as cheeky Charlie, who was originally from Colchester before moving to York, came down the love lift and picked Jo-Tara for a romantic date on the fictional isle of Fernandos.

It is based on the Australian series Taken Out and the British series of the same name.

One single man has to try to impress thirty single women.

Travelling to the Isle of Fernandos, Watkins enthused at the time, "I couldn't think of an awesomer first date", while also naming it as, "definitely the best first date I've ever had".

He described himself as a "bit of a big kid", who loved comics and video games.

Take Me Out is an Irish television dating game show airing on TV3.

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