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The page had carried the photos of young girls with captions and comments that were erotic in nature. We started this mission after hearing about Kochu Sundarikal, who were fuelling an online sex racket which was run by Rahul Pashupalan of Kiss of Love-fame.

From 28 December, 2015, we started hacking and deleting all pornographic pictures and posts from such pages," a member from Kerala Cyber Warriors, who did not disclose his name, told IBTimes India.

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Finding the Right Girl Flirting Using Facebook Features Knowing What to Say and How to Say it Community Q&A Social media has no doubt shaped the current social landscape, including the world of dating.

Today, we are more connected than ever, leading to many new opportunities to meet new people.

Most guys feel shy to start a conversation with a girl face to face.

If you’re wondering “How to flirt with a girl if facing her makes me nervous?

In case you don’t know most of these online slang words or short forms that we use while on social media websites, do not worry.

Today we are here with full-forms and details on almost every popular words while using these social media websites.

If you're a mom with a Facebook account, you've likely already joined at least one of these fast-growing support groups.

Here is a selection of some of the largest, most influential Facebook groups for every type of mom.

Priyanka Jagga and her supportive brother Sameer Jagga did a Facebook live chat with the ex-Bigg-Boss 10 contestant’s fans today (January 10).

With well wishes flowing in from all sides, people showed their concern for her health and asked her all sort of things like, if she considered herself a celebrity and is she is happy with what Swami Om had done inside and outside the house. She said, "Hum wo duniya chhod aaye hai, hum celebrities nahin hai (We have left that world behind, we are not celebrities)." Later, when a fan asked if she is ok with all that Swami Om had done inside the house and what he has been saying about the show and host outside the house. Priyanka seemed oblivious of the news about Om Swami saying that he had slapped Salman Khan.

It takes a village to raise a child, but these days and for many parents, that village is entirely online.

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