updating hardy to intrepid - The pro and cons of interracial dating

Dating one person, or even five people at the same time leaves you with limitless FOMO, the creeping sense that you could be banging someone better at all times.

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And almost 1 in every 5 online daters end up marrying someone they met online.

Most online daters say they had an easier time meeting someone online, but online dating comes with its own downsides.

Around 30 percent of people who use the internet are looking to date.

Most of these searchers at least land a date — over half of online daters went on a date with someone they met via the web, found one study.

Whether the positives of online dating are enough to outweigh the negatives are for the individual to decide.

Here are just some of the pros and cons of online dating: Pros: In the offline world, daters may still be getting to know basic information about each other on their first date.

"I want to marry who I love, and I don't really want to care about race," says Ruben Marinelarena '02.

Dating culture will never ever be the same now that we have access to technology like Tinder.

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