Thermoluminescence dating range

It uses various methods to stimulate and measure luminescence.

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The sample is taken by introducing the tube into a freshly cleaned back surface; if this proves difficult a block may be cut from the unit of interest.

The specimen tube or block should then be wrapped in black plastic to prevent further exposure to light and to preserve the environmental moisture content.

Thermoluminescence (TL) dating of sediments depends upon the acquisition and long term stable storage of TL energy by crystalline minerals contained within a sedimentary unit.

This energy is stored in the form of trapped electrons and quartz sand is the most commonly used mineral employed in the dating process.

These slowly decay over time and the ionizing radiation they produce is absorbed by mineral grains in the sediments such as quartz and potassium feldspar.

The radiation causes charge to remain within the grains in structurally unstable "electron traps".

It is an absolute dating method, and does not depend on comparison with similar objects (as does obsidian hydration dating, for example).

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