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he became one of two rappers alongside G-Dragon in Big Bang. The singles, "Last Farewell" (Korean: 마지막 인사; Revised Romanization: Majimak Insa) from Hot Issue (2008) and "Day by Day" (Korean: 하루하루; Revised Romanization: Haru Haru) from Stand Up (2008), became chart-toppers as well. Later that summer, he appeared as an actor in Red Roc's "Hello" music video. Despite wanting to use his stage name when acting, believing it reflects his professional side more, he is often billed with his real name, with his stage name included in parenthesis. P appeared on other artists' records, including Gummy for the song "I'm Sorry" for her album Comfort, veteran singer Uhm Jung-hwa for her single "D. Later that year, he starred in CJ E&M's web drama The Secret Message alongside Japanese actress Juri Ueno.

The two were paired with four others: Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri and Jang Hyun-seung and a documentation of their training was aired to promote them. Following the release of the band's albums and singles, T. He also became a host of MBC's music program Music Core. He released the single "Hi Haruka" as part of the drama's soundtrack.

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But as for Morgan I do think he found her attractive. In other English interviews he isn’t as deeply smiling as he was during that interview.

Can we make a deal to only spread LOVE AND POSITIVITY towards T. P and his family during this period and to keep seunghyun in our PRAYERS.

After releasing several albums and extended plays with them, T. P expanded his career into acting, starting with I Am Sam in 2007, subsequently starring in films such as Iris (2009), Nineteen (2009), 71: Into the Fire (2010), Commitment (2013), Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014) and Out of Control (2017). As a solo rapper, he has released two digital singles, "Turn It Up" (2010) and "Doom Dada" (2013), which peaked at number two and four, respectively, on the Gaon Chart. While filming a combat scene for the movie, he injured the back of his hand on a glass fragment and was later admitted to the hospital for surgery.

P, is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, actor, and record producer. Released under YG Entertainment, the group became one of the best-selling groups of all-time in Asia and one of the best-selling boy bands in the world. P and G-Dragon formed a duo to record and release the collaboration album, GD & TOP. That same year, he was also admitted to Dankook University to the theatre department. After they wrapped up, he focused his attention back to acting, starring in the film Commitment (2012), playing the son of a North Korean spy who is falsely accused.

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P's fans are doing everything to make sure that their idol knows that they support him in this trying time.

LMAOOOO I love Seungri he was the highlight of the interview. If these idiots had let Top “sleep” as they claim for any longer back then he would have died. Please can we all take a few moments and pray to whoever you believe in to give T. Seunghyun has been with VIPS numerous times through the good and the bad and now its time we DO THE SAME.

Don’t be fooled sis (or bro LOL) TOP LIKE THE SISTAS HE LIKES THE CHOCOLATE HE KNOWS WHAT’S GOOD. P could have went into cardiac arrest because carbon dioxide in his blood were extremely high We gotta pray for him you guys. His mother says he’s close to dying and this is all wrong because NO ONE should be influenced to kill/harm themselves because of what OTHERS say.

They don’t need to worry to be chubby, adversely, they actually want to bulk up their body.

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