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But for transgender individuals – those who have physically, mentally and/or emotionally made a transition from their born gender into the opposite gender or gender role – the online dating world is a minefield.The question of how much to disclose in one’s profile is a difficult one.

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We are committed to creating an atmosphere where trans people feel more secure and in control. We cater to people throughout the gender spectrum with an extensive list of genders and orientations available for creating your profile and searching for matches. With an ever-expanding community and tools custom-made to fit your needs, Trans is quickly becoming your #1 choice for finding that special someone.

Trans is a dating site created and operated by trans people.

They dedicate their time and effort in the hope of finding that perfect person with whom they can start a good and lasting relationship.

Admit it or not, you also have that thought in mind especially if you are single.

Genuine members are secretive about their character unless they feel completely safe.

Finding a place to belong online is no walk in the park; they have to face the realities of discrimination every day in some countries.Trans is a premium transgender dating site designed for, and by, members of the transgender community.Our goal is to change trans dating from a daunting experience into something fun and positive.These groups get the opportunity to interact, share ideas and meet potential partners.Not everyone has the same motive when frequenting transgender dating sites, however.Trans offers a multitude of options that not only help you find the perfect match, but also keeps you engaged.

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