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This time let’s clarify who transgender and transsexual women are, and is it worth questioning their femininity and womanhood.

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“If you do your research on this person, you can see the facts there.” Chingy responded to the rumors via video.

“I wake up to people hittin’ me up about some radio show.

In general, people are more attracted to confident people and shy away from people they perceive to be insecure. These days I don't worry about not being dateable because I've had a lot of experience to prove to myself that I am.

So my best advice is just to put yourself out there.

In this case at first, make an account on My Transgender Cupid and give a look at profiles of numerous trans singles here.

You will be amazed discovering how many trans ladies are in search and open to meet a foreign partner on this site!

Tinder worked with GLAAD’s Nick Adams, trans activist Andrea James and the creative team of “Transparent” to ensure that the solution met the evolving needs of the extremely diverse trans community.

It was important to recognize that in a rapidly changing America, trans folks are looking for love, too.

Going stealth is not an option as I have children who are just starting to come around and parents who have begged me not to throw away the people who currently love me. I know friends who are post op and have found cis male hetero's who they are currently married to. These days I'm too busy and mostly date online, where I don't disclose unless it gets serious, because again, it's none of their business unless there's mutual interest in a relationship.

Has anyone else out there had a similar experience? The key I guess is confidence (or the appearance of it).

In a recent radio interview, Foxxjazzel stated that she and Chingy got together on more than one occasion.

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