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Please familiarize yourself with it if you haven't done so.My SQL can use either standard or non-standard (non ANSI standard) SQL syntax format to perform cross-table update.

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If that source happens to be other tables within the same database, then My SQL has got you covered. SELECT” statement, which selects the fields from one table and inserts them into another.

For instance, the following statement will take all the records from table1 and insert them into table2: As the name suggests, I’d like to store the most expensive rentals in their own table. Using the INSERT…SELECT statement, we can populate all of the fields except for the id, which is an AUTO_INCREMENT type: Since the primary key is not being inserted in the above example there is nothing stopping duplicate records from being created. Of course you will have to supply the id value as well or the record will never be a duplicate!

Having an sql update stored procedure for this type of activity is wholly rational and appropriate.

To run the stored procedure you need to supply a values to the applicable variables.

Cross table update in My SQL (also known as correlated update, or multiple table update) refers to the operation that updates records in one table based on whether they match or don't match records in another table.

The matching uses the concept explained in the JOIN operation that we discussed in this section - Querying Multiple Tables.I poll the sensors with a sample time of 5 seconds and get data from them and store them onto the tables as per the below code , the code does what is meant to do i just wanted to know whether there's an efficient way of updating the tables . I didnt know that there was a site on code reviews on stack exchange .Thanks for pointing it.strmov(query, " \ UPDATE Datavalues \ SET Temperature = ? Fluency with SQL is necessary for effective communication with the My SQL server, because that is the language that it understands.For example, when you use a program such as the mysql client, it functions primarily as a means for you to send SQL statements to the server to be executed.Forget the fact that it goes against 3NF (normalization) conventions. The ID will always be unique, but the other fields may or may not be. Updating records with data from another table is not quite so simple because there is no UPDATE…SELECT statement.

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