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Follow all prompts that pop up after opening the utility download file. To open it and start the installation process, double click on it once the download is complete.

updating bios sony vaio-13

Do not attempt to use them unless you are aware of the risks associated with BIOS updates.

Should something go wrong you could end up with a dead system and/or loss of data.

The redistribution of these BIOS updates to others, or obtaining these BIOS Updates by any other means is expressly prohibited. Big BIOS Update Project is supported entirely by user donations.

If we have been able to assist you in extending the lifetime, improving the capabilities and performance of your Sony VAIO VGX-XL system, your kindness in making a donation to the Project in any amount will be very much appreciated, and will help to offset the significant out-of-pocket costs of the project team.

It is recommended that customers do not install a demoted BIOS, for any reason, even if they have a local copy.

Always ensure that if a BIOS update is being carried out that the latest version is used.

Below is a list of our most popular Sony Electronics BIOS / Motherboard product support software drivers.

To download, select the Model Name/Number of your device, then click the Download button.

AB-H • Angelnegron • Back2mine • Bigoliver • Crazymouse69 • Enterface • Eusebius • Freebe Gavarnos • Gupil • h4.

To update the BIOS on a Sony Vaio, visit the official Sony website and download the BIOS update for the correct computer model.

These updates have been BETA tested to the extent reasonably possible for a private, non-commercial project; however they are provided by the Mr.

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