Updating cached headers

I have noticed a change in the activity of my Outlook 2003.I now get a message that says it is Updating Cached Headers and when it is doing this, it will not allow me to do anything else within Outlook, such as starting a new email. This is where you can view keyboard shortcuts available for your operating system here.

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When you right click and go to properties on some of the folders I have been having problems with, the "Initial view on folder:" in the Administration tab is showing "Normal".

In the problematic folders, you have the option to select "IMAP folders".

In the header toolbar of the Postman app, click the wrench icon and select “Settings” to open the SETTINGS modal.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut (CMD/CTRL ,) to open the modal.

This has been working with no problem for several months.

Recently, whenever I move between mail folders, and often even between messages in the same folder, a box appears telling me it is updating cached headers , and the updates for around 10 seconds.

I am using Outlook 2003 with all the latest service packs on a Win XP Pro machine.

Outlook is configured as an IMAP client to an Mdaemon mail server.

Hi Diane, The problem does not lie with the 250th message specifically. If you kill Outlook and open it again it then hangs at "updating cached messages (500/1700)" and so on until you finally manage to update all the headers.

A related problem seems to be that Outlook does not always honour download headers only in Send / Receive options.

I have found no logic as to why one folder does and another doesn't!

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