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Clam AV is a traditional antivirus program like you’d expect to find for Windows.Actually, there is a version of Clam AV available for Windows.

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Lets you quickly get to scanning, and gives you peace of mind that you're not going to spread any viruses that don't affect your Mint system to Windows computers on the network or by mobile media like flash drives.

The GUI front-end for Clam AV virus scanner, Clam Tk 5.00 has been released today with right-click file manager support.

Sure, Linux doesn’t suffer from the same types of security issues and prevalent malware that Windows does, but that doesn’t mean that Linux users can neglect their systems and expect to be secure.

These five tools are absolutely essential for Linux desktop users. This guide doesn’t present them in any particular order because they all serve different and arguably equally important functions. So if you aren’t using any of these on your Linux desktop, start now.

Rootkits are a special type of malware specific to Unix-like operating systems, Linux included.

This version of Parted Magic adds a few leaves and branches to our slow growing oak tree. Clonezilla has been updated to 3.25.11 and tested by Steven Shiau.

Although threre are not many linux viruses in the wild, it is respectful to the community to ensure that you don't spread viruses, even if they are for Windows. Install it from the debian package, via sourceforge, and not from the software center or ubuntu repositories, or you'll end up with an outdated version that won't update.

Good tool to check stuff on its way to a win-pc, or to help someone with an infected flash-pen coming that way.

You can use Clam AV by itself from the command line, or you can couple it with its graphical interface, Clam TK for a more familiar experience.

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