Updating counterstriek 1 5 1 6

I do wish the famas and galil were in 1.5 just so they could be included with this pack, could just retexture the 1.6 arms to be 1.5 then add them.

Since we won't be making any patches to 1.12 and 17.03 is working I think it makes sense to close.

[ OPERATION HYDRA ] – Adjustments to Weapons Expert: — Best out of 20 rounds. – Fixed a bug in recording free camera movements from alternative interactive caster with cameraman override.

To compare people reviews, CS 1.5 gameplay is more interesting than CS 1.6 and has less bugs in all Counter-Strike 1.* series.

Game graphics, sounds quality and textures keeps up with 1.6 version and gameplay looks cosily.

edit: sry for replying to you, i initially thought that you want an answer for that lolthe problem is the couldnt use ur nvidia. There is many hack on internet but im fed up with for that im alwasy had to do many shit for playing normally. XD Yehh and 13 years it was not interesting just now when just the old generations playing with 1.6.

They just want that u start play with them new sheet. Maybe they will update, and change everything back cause it was downdate, not update...Metadata loop file: /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/devicemapper/metadata Library Version: 1.02.110 (2015-10-30) Logging Driver: json-file Cgroup Driver: cgroupfs Plugins: Volume: local Network: host null bridge overlay Swarm: inactive Runtimes: runc Default Runtime: runc Security Options: apparmor seccomp Kernel Version: 4.4.0-64-generic Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS OSType: linux Architecture: x86_64 CPUs: 2 Total Memory: 14.94 Gi B Name: ip-10-69-11-232 ID: NQHR:6JJ6: REF6:6GMR:5PTF: QB4Z: EANI: PYUH: UMFI: Q2TH: ZC4Z: YUVM Docker Root Dir: /var/lib/docker Debug Mode (client): false Debug Mode (server): false Registry: https://index.docker.io/v1/ WARNING: No swap limit support Insecure Registries: goroutine 56190 [select]: google.golang.org/grpc/transport.(*Stream).Header(0xc821776d20, 0xc821776d20, 0x0, 0x0) /usr/src/docker/vendor/src/google.golang.org/grpc/transport/transport.go:221 0x242 google.golang.org/Response(0x7f12d81a0e80, 0x2b0b120, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x7f12d81a0eb8, 0xc8203e2800, 0x7f12d81a0ee0, 0xc8203e2820, ...) /usr/src/docker/vendor/src/google.golang.org/grpc/call.go:54 0x4e google.golang.org/grpc.Each side has access to different guns and equipment, as well as different abilities.Maps have different goals such as: hostage rescue, assassination, bomb defusion, Terrorist escape, etc.Add Process(0xc820059500, 0x7f12d81777d8, 0xc82226cc90, 0xc8206d8880, 0x40, 0xc823c82e40, 0x40, 0x0, 0x0, 0xc8231e31b0, ...) /usr/src/docker/.gopath/src/github.com/docker/docker/libcontainerd/client_linux.go:98 0x97c github.com/docker/docker/daemon.(*Daemon).

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