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In the end, not rewiring your electrics could end up being much more expensive than having them done if they end up causing a fire, which can also seriously jeopardise the safety of you and your family.

It’s not usually hard to find out whether your house needs electrical rewiring.

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This can lead to overloading sockets with extension leads, which can damage sensitive electrical devices and could lead to a house fire.

Old wiring can also become damaged as it deteriorates naturally over time, especially if it’s made from old fashioned electrical materials.

All of our prices include labour and materials but exclude VAT.

In addition to the pricing and completion time information, the recommended electricians who particpated in our survey also shared some helpful advice. Jobs are more straightforward in new houses where existing wiring and fittings already meet regulations.

Older houses often have what is called ‘knob and tube’ wiring.

This wiring is considered dangerous by most insurance companies today, making it hard to insure homes and buildings that incorporate it.These older wiring systems, typically with 60 to 100 amps of service, violate current electrical codes and fall short of the standard minimum of 200 amps generally needed to power a home.Installing air conditioners, new kitchen appliances, or entertainment systems may seem simple but can quickly overwhelm an older building’s capacity.Electrical safety is one of the most important things in your home so it’s important to find out whether your electrics need rewiring.Properties built over 50 years ago have far less sockets to accommodate all of the electric gadgets and equipment we use in our homes today.It could work out more cost effective to get them to do several jobs at once.

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