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Extract the contents of this zip file and you should see three folders along with a readme file.We are going to use src folder which has the necessary code to interact with the Facebook API.

updating facebook via email-37

I thought it might just take a second for it to update, so I left it for a day, but as of now, spotify still notes my old email address.

Facebook attracts millions of visitors every month, and you can tap into this vast social network to build a powerful online presence.

Because my account is linked to facebook, I changed my primary email address on there, and deleted the old one.

Months later, however, it was still not updated on spotify.

You can download the latest version of SDK from https://github.com/facebook/php-sdk/ and hit download.

The app information page also has a guide to make a clone of this git repo, but if you do not want to get yourself into all that.

I figured that perhaps the email address I changed it to, was already used by spotify (since I know I have a non-facebook spotify as well, just don't know what email it's linked to).

Therefore, I tried changing my facebook email address to 2 other addresses yesterday, but still without luck.

You might not always have time to sit down at your computer and keep your business page updated; fortunately, Facebook gives you three ways to update your page from your mobile phone.

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