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This review process should be a coordinated effort between Human Resources, managers who know what practices are actually in place, and employment counsel.

To help you take the first step, below are some questions to ask as you review and update your handbook. Does your handbook state that an employee’s at-will status can never be changed?

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Put another way, there is no right under the FMLA “to be left alone” or be allowed to skirt the employer’s “discrete inquiries.” But if looks like work, it’s gonna be work, and an employee shouldn’t be doing work while on FMLA leave.

The Court Ruling I found this opinion helpful largely because it collected many recent FMLA cases dealing with situations where the employee allegedly performed work while on FMLA leave: In light of the work Joan apparently had to perform while on leave, the court in this case determined that Joan had presented enough evidence of FMLA interference that a jury would need to decide whether Genon violated the FMLA. Genon Energy (pdf) Insights for Employers As we see above, there is no bright line rule about contact between employee and employer during FMLA leave, but you can start to see where the courts tend to line up on this issue.

(The amount of sick leave that may be used to care for a family member is limited.

See Sick Leave to Care for a Family Member with a Serious Health Condition.) FMLA leave is in addition to other paid time off available to an employee.

Hager Like most employers, you probably have an employee handbook.

However, if an employee files a claim against your company – for discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations, unfair labor practices or breach of contract – will your handbook stand up to scrutiny by a federal agency or court? Because employment laws and regulations (and agencies’ and courts’ interpretations of them) are ever-changing, it is important to review and update the policies within employee handbooks regularly, at least every two to three years.

Joan then sued Genon, claiming that the 20-40 hours worked during her FMLA leave constituted FMLA interference, which she claimed entitled her to a slew of damages.

Joan’s lawsuit raised the age-old question many of my clients have raised with me:…reasonable contact limited to inquiries about the location of files or passing along institutional or status knowledge will not interfere with an employee’s [FMLA] rights; however, asking or requiring an employee to perform work while on leave can constitute interference.

There are a number of discussions happening lately about updating handbook provisions and social media policies to ward off a suddenly over-zealous National Labor Relations Board. As you review and revise these policies, consider also taking a look at your FMLA policy, and specifically, how you calculate your FMLA leave year.

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