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For more information on how to back up your presets via Midi dump, refer to the G-System manual This is a firmware service update for all G-System users and contains a bugfix that fixes an issue with the Expression pedal configuration could stop working.

How to Install Your GMC or Chevy Navigation Disc Once you’ve acquired your update disc, the installation process is quick and easy.

The four step process takes less than five minutes. Step 2: Press the POWER button, then the NAV button, found on the left-hand side of the system. The disc slot will automatically close and the navigation system will automatically install the updates. Bring Go: Chevy’s New Smartphone Integrated Navigation Option In September 2010, Chevy announced their radical departure from traditional navigation systems with their integrated smartphone-dashboard system, Bring Go.

Acquiring your updated navigation DVD is a snap and installation only takes a few minutes.

Since Chevy and GMC are subsidiaries of the same company, the instructions for updating your navigation system in either make are the same. The landscape around us is constantly evolving with new streets, road changes, and points of interest.

If you need any help along the way, don’t hesitate to call or pop into your local Lexus centre where a fully trained technician will be happy to help.

GMC issues annual updates with new locations and improved directions for factory-installed navigation systems.Updating the maps is a simple process, and you’ve probably got the equipment to hand already – all you need is an internet-connected computer and a blank, formatted 4GB USB memory stick.To find out how to purchase, download and apply the map update to your Lexus, simply watch the video below or read on for a step-by-step guide.You can always download the latest version of Flash Player directly from Periodically, users are presented with the Flash Player update dialog notifying them that a new version of Flash Player is available for download from The automatic update mechanism is used for some updates, security patches that address zero-day vulnerabilities and when users, who have selected to be updated automatically, have not updated within 45 days after a regularly scheduled update release of Flash Player.Updating your navigation system gives you access to the latest maps and most efficient routes to your destination, saving you money at the pump and time on the road. How to Get Your Navigation System Update Disc To update your navigation system, you’ll need the latest GMC Navigation Disc.

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