Updating nqs spool file

Metadata can also be imported from software such as Microsoft Excel through an ODBC connection.Importing metadata directly from each data source saves you time and effort by importing the structure for the Physical layer.

Hi, I executed the script below and I get an error message SP2-0308: cannot close spool file. set pagesize 0 set head off set linesize 100 set feedback off set colsep '' spool FILE1select cluster_cd,cluster_desc,setid,eff_start_dt,eff_end_dt,active_fg,start_dt,end_date from v_tmp_cluster; spool off Thanks for your help.

An invaluable tool in testing and developing these forms is the ability to modify and create spool files easily with different conditions, max filled fields etc. Update QGPL/SPOOL changing data as required - we use WRKDBF (great freeware) 4.

The assorted machines in this network are of varying manufacture, and (as of the time of this writing) include Digital Equipment Corporation VAXes, Silicon Graphics Irises, large Amdahl 5840 mainframes, and a Cray Research Incorporated CRAY-2.

Each of the machines in the network runs its own vendor-supplied version of the UNIX operating system, with appropriate kernel and user-space extensions as necessary.

without having to change the database and run the ERP applications. Then OVRPRTF FILE(QSYSPRT) CTLCHAR(*FCFC) SPLFNAME(original) 5. CPYF FROMFILE(SPOOL) TOFILE(QSYSPRT) ================================== MORE INFORMATION ON THIS TOPIC ================================== The Best Web Links: tips, tutorials and more.

Use CPYSPLF to copy to this file using CTLCHAR(*FCFC) 3.

More specifically, NQS was developed as part of an effort aimed at tying together a diverse assortment of UNIX based machines into a useful computational complex for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Today, this computational complex is officially known as the Numerical Aerodynamic Simulator Processing System Network, otherwise known as the NPSN.

The system discussed supports both batch and device requests, and provides the facilities of remote queueing, request routing, remote status, queue access controls, batch request resource quota limits, and remote output return.

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