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You should subscribe to the tech-pkg mailing lists.

You can ask for questions about packaging here, or for comments and import to pkgsrc, if you think a package is finished.

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Getting pkgsrc over CVS is probably the most secure method right now.

You can also fetch it over FTP and untar it if you want to.

Remember that there are a number of steps you would normally carry out if you compiled a program yourself (downloading, unpacking, patching, compiling, installing).

The files that make up a pkgsrc source collection contain all the necessary information to allow the system to do this for you.

Dragon Fly, up to and including version 3.4, used pkgsrc to manage third party software packages. This page is still useful for anyone wanting to use pkgsrc, but the recommended packaging method is dports, which is covered in a similar document here: To DPorts/ Dragon Fly uses a specially crafted Makefile in /usr and a git mirror of the official pkgsrc repository to make pkgsrc distribution more user-friendly.

The basics of the pkgsrc system can be found in Net BSD's Pkgsrc Guide, and can be considered the canonical resource.Many so-called GNU/Linux distributions provide a convenient way of searching, installing and upgrading software by using binary archives found on "repositories".Net BSD, and more widely, all operating systems relying on pkgsrc have tools like pkg_add and pkg_delete, but those are unable to correctly handle binary upgrades, and sometimes even installation itself.Contents pkg_add's -u option is used to update a package.Basically: it saves the package's current list of packages that depend on it ( REQUIRED_BY), installs the new package, and replaces that list of dependencies.Pkgsrc is a packaging system that was originally created for Net BSD.

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