Updating uncertainties in friction angles of clean sands

The debate on global warming, for example, could affect the use of coal in some areas; recycling lessens the amount of new material required; and the increasing use of non-mineral materials, such as plastics, affects the intensity of use of metals and minerals per unit of GDP.

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Furthermore, constraints on engineering practice based on environmental and societal requirements necessitate specially designed mud formulations and drilling techniques.

Development and application of these solutions depends critically not only on an understanding of the processes that act within the Earth, but also of the impact of these processes on drilling practice.

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As such, it discusses the geological and tectonic effects that can impact the design and successful completion of oil and gas and geothermal wells, and it introduces methods and techniques to characterize those processes and to make recommendations to mitigate their effects.

The ground is one of the most highly variable of engineering materials.

It is therefore not surprising that geotechnical designs depend on local site conditions and local engineering experience.

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