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I am currently working on a document that was written using Microsoft Word 2007 and I am also using Microsoft Word 2007 to update the document. I have noticed that the feature of adding nested headers ("subheaders" perhaps) does not work the same as I remember it did with Microsoft Word 2010.Since I am not the original author of the document, I am not sure if the table of contents was set up the right way.

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The great thing is that even if you already have a Word document with a lot of content, it’s very easy to edit it so that you can generate the table of contents automatically.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the process of setting up your Word document with the correct headings and then talk about how to create the table of contents.

For sub-chapter titles, repeat this process, but use the "Heading 2" style instead.

(You can also do this with "Heading 3" styles for sub-sub-headings, etc., if necessary.) If you have a title or subtitle that is part of an existing paragraph, or if you would like the Table of Contents text to be different than what appears in the body of your text, you can insert a manual Table of Contents field instead of applying a Heading style to an entire paragraph.

Then you can select the table and in the "reference" tab, click "update table" If that doesn't change the table at all, then it would point to the table being manually created, and you'd need to generate the table of contents properly.

There is an article about tables of contents on the office section of the microsoft site available here.

So my first question is: How do I see if the table of contents was set up properly in Microsoft Word 2007 to allow automatic updates whenever a subheader is added to the text.

There seems to be a number of other things going on with the document that do not seem right.

These are the only three you can use for a default TOC.

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