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Hi, Thii is my1st post , as owner of a thinkpad T410 253797G. I've a data SIM with italian TIM mobile, well working in a honda usb.

When i insert the sim in T410 sim bay (under battery), my system is able to see it (the imei and ata of the sim), but is not able to use it.

Backup Connectivity—Wireless WAN provides diverse, cost effective backup for your data applications, quick deployment for temporary, new or remote locations, disaster recovery response, and mobile workers, as well as consistent network connectivity.

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tv ----- Original Message ----- From: "Crooks, Sam" Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 PM Subject: Looking for AT&T / Verizon / Sprint WWAN service impressions - on oroff-list replies welcome I'm considering use of AT&T / Verizon / Sprint WWAN services and the Cisco 3G router interface cards/integrated module in C880 routers for primary or backup WAN network connectivity for routers. - is ESP / IKE / IPsec permitted through un-rate-limited and un-molested by the providers?

Complete site surveys and then have a back out plan. - do these service providers use NAT within their network? In most cases, is the service available for use when you need to use it? Do you have problems getting sufficient coverage in the deplouyment location to support desired speeds (say 512kbps up/down as a minimum)? Speed and reliability is completely dependant on your location.

T-mobile is pretty much out, as unless the card was made specifically for T-mobile, i doubt it has the frequencies built into the card for T-mobiles 3G, and you would be stuck at dialup-like speeds there.

While the Nextel/IDEN side of Sprint and some Boost phones use sim cards, that also would not work as the card that is in your laptop, if it were indeed made for Cingular/AT&T, is for GSM, which is completely different than IDEN.

While I think that it's possible that you could replace the Wi Fi card for something in the range of what Sys Op has posted, I don't believe that would be totally the way to go, for the reason that if you wander outside of clear's coverage area, you won't have 3G to fall back on like you would with a USB Dongle or the Sprint Overdrive. I believe you should be able to at least get the full 3G speed with USB 1.1, not sure about 4G.

I have a LG VX8600 through Verizon, and at first when I got it the coverage was great. But on my old phone I discovered you can update your network coverage, or whatever its called by dialing something like *211.

Which goes back to the originating problem, you're not going to find an easy SIM card replacement for the built-in WWAN card, you'd have to go to AT&T for a SIM that would even be 3G. My A31p seems to have only 1.1 ports and I was concerned about the throughput.

You'll either have to go with a USB dongle, or the Sprint Overdrive for 4G for the most part. Lastly is Sprint's hotspot compatible with AT&T (this seems to be a stupid question)? Yes, Sprint's USB adapter is designed for USB 2.0, while it should work with USB 1.1 ports, I don't know how much USB 1.1 will limit the throughput.

Plus, if there is a need for connectivity in a temporary location or to change locations, you have the flexibility to relocate quickly and easily.

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