Usps tracking not updating ebay

He said that the carriers that pick up the boxes do not scan; they are supposed to scan at the processing center postal location.

Tracking also helps sellers in the case of a dispute.

But the phrase "between a rock and hard place" comes to mind when considering the position online sellers find themselves when it comes to e Bay's requirements, the rock being e Bay, and the hard place being shipping carriers.

This is not what e Bay and Griff say so she got me the Postmaster.

I explained to him that they are supposed to have "real time tracking" and that e Bay uploads the tracking info as a metric of how fast we actually ship based on this assumption, He said the only way to be sure it is scanned is to take it to the post office and have them scan it and if the label is pre-printed there is 1.20 charge to have it scanned.

Therefore, I don't worry about anything other than whether or not it's scanned as Delivered.

And I certainly don't check the tracking unless I'm bored or the buyer has reported a problem.

Dear Ina, Just got off the phone with postmaster here on tracking.

My complaint was that I put items in the box yesterday (they are charging 1.10 for the items to be scanned at post office) at am box before the 11 am pick up at our post office.

For the previous five days shipping all my USPS First Class "Tracking" inquires merely show as example: "Expected Delivery Day: Tuesday, November 18, 2014 Tracking information is not available at this time.

Please check back later or double-check the tracking number entered and try again.

e Bay has placed increasing importance on tracking numbers in order to help it learn if sellers ship their orders in a timely fashion.

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