Valentines day gifts dating for guy gals appliances

If she isn't expecting a Valentine's Day gift from you, just the surprise will be a gift on its own, but you can reveal your feelings with a token of your affection.If you’re with her for the long-haul, through thick and thin and everything in between, a bond that special deserves an exceptional gift.

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If you don't, skipping out on a Valentine's gift is a pretty clear breakup signal...

but it's also a pretty mean way to send the message.

If you've dated a girl long enough to call her your girlfriend, you should know what will push her buttons and make her happy.

If the best idea you can think of is cash, you better do some more brainstorming. Clothing That Doesn't Fit Her Body Or Style This is a big one for several different reasons.

If you're a friend, there's a good chance you know who her favorite bands are.

If one of those bands has a new CD coming out soon and there's a gift-giving occasion looming soon after that release, a CD makes a thoughtful, inexpensive gift that doesn't suggest that you're looking for more than platonic friendship.

If you're seeing someone who doesn't spark your interest, let the person down gently before the holiday. (You can't go wrong with a dozen roses.) While the one-size-fits-all nature of a bundle of blooms makes it a Valentine's gift that can fall a little flat in more-established relationships, it's the perfect gift for someone you don't know all that well yet. If you're a deft hand in the kitchen, homemade treats can be a great route.

It says, "I want to get to know you better — and I wanted you to feel special today! Don't limit your options to cookies and candy, either.

Here are the best Valentine's Day gift ideas for every type of romance in your life.

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