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issuing carrier) is the airline that validates or issues tickets, and the one that receives the money when the flights are booked.In the event of cancellations this is the carrier with which the flyer has credit.However, with the advent of online booking, passengers are usually unaware of who their validating carrier is.

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A number of consumers want to know why understanding who the validating carrier is, would be important.

Actually it may be vital, especially in economic times where not all airlines are solvent.

The connection ID is required for all transactions with the Sabre APIs infrastructure that are using the connection.

A client implementation that manages concurrent connections, ensuring availability without over-allocating resources.

Note: Ensure that your agency has notified BSP/ARC in your market that Amadeus is the GDS being used by your agency/IATA.

This ensures that any changes to ticketing authorisations generate an automatic notification and the list of authorised/prohibited ticketing carriers will be up to date for your office profile. If the problem persists, and you are sure the request is valid and should return a result, and your office profile shows that you do have ticketing authority for the validating carrier, contact your Amadeus Help Desk (or Representative).

The design incorporates many of the data elements available in our Fare Manager Rules product to allow carriers to synchronize and align service options with their fare structures in all markets.

In airline speak, a validating carrier is the airline that actually issues you a ticket and holds your money until you take your flight.

These carriers then reimburse all airlines that you use during your trip.

It’s especially important to understand that the validating carrier is not always the airline on which you are flying, especially if you use multiple airlines in a single trip.

This might limit the degree to which you can travel with your refund credit.

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