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This page lists a few test documents and test scenarios for the W3C Markup Validator make sure everything works fine after making changes to the validator.

If you can think of interesting test cases that aren't on this page, let us know. Please submit any issue or idea to the public mailing-list [email protected] not edit this page, it is automatically generated from the validator's automated test suite.

Please note that an active mixed content warning (signified by a red ‘X’ over the lock) will not be approved..) In the image to the right, note that the video has NOT yet begun play, fits the full screen, and the secure browser lock (top left) is still intact.

If the VAT number you enter never validates, please try validating it in the URL below.

Chances are that either the API is not available or the VAT number you have is not an intra-community one: Since we rely on VIES to validate VAT numbers and are legally obligated to do so, at times VAT validation fails if the API is not available.

The second step is after hitting the "Pay x.xx" button.

The credit card data will be verified and any error (invalid CVV, invalid CC number) will prevent any further action by the user until the errors are fixed.

validate - with v.w.o - view: Valid HTML 4.0 Transitional sample document.

validate - with v.w.o - view: Valid HTML 4.0 Frameset sample document.

And more importantly, is this something that people will pay for?

We will help you refine your go-to-market strategy and delivery model to verify that the idea is not only highly marketable and desirable, but that you will be able to monetize your service into a growing business.

As noted previously, an active mixed content warning will not be approved.

Our team is excited to bring your content to Twitter, and in a way that allows for a secure and consistent experience to all our users and across all our platforms.

Your problem is real, and the model is sound, now it’s time to take the steps to make it into a reality.

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