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They blurt sounds and laugh to each other in an exchange that gets increasingly animated as the call goes on.

Meanwhile their parents, thought to be from the USA, laugh at the duo's adorable antics. One said: 'Wonder what the babies were talking about?

Skype recently announced a new translation tool that can interpret live speech in real time, across a number of languages. The recording cut out at one point, totally changing the meaning of one Mandarin phrase from “Of course, here you go” to “When to you.” It also mis-recognized my English “bitter” as “better,” resulting in an incorrect translation.

While Eliot Spitzer’s predilection for hookers (sorry, high priced call-girls) has made headlines worldwide, video over Skype may end up as a beneficiary.

Marked as a first for national TV, CNN used Skype Video to conduct a live interview Monday.

Below we analyze each section and give Skype a score based on well it did. We advanced from the pre-written dialogue to chatting at a natural pace about whatever occurred to us.

Our scoring system aims to measure how much of the original meaning was carried over to the target language: an “A” means the original meaning was translated in full, an “F,” not at all. Skype continued to do a pretty good job recognizing English and rendering it as Mandarin (even my annoyingly frequent “likes”).

Both languages have massive numbers of speakers, but not a lot of overlap; if Skype wants this tool to be useful, it will likely have to perform well bridging the divide. It translated “bitter” as “hard,” and “there’s nothing in it” to simply “there’s nothing.” Stage 1 score: C .

We started out simple, but moved quickly on to colloquialism, literature, and finally, profanity. Our test here shows that with a lot of patience, you could probably have a very basic conversation consisting of simple phrases, especially if the Mandarin speaker were willing to repeat themselves many times or say things in different ways until hitting on something Skype can translate accurately.

89c buys the rather ironically named Unspoken Words album with the feature single What We Want.

Update: Amie Street has added a new song “Move ya body” to the playlist.

Available on almost every operating platform, Skype also lets its users to send instant messages, create conference calls, send video messages, and even exchange files and images.

Available as a freemium model application, most of the features in Skype are free but some also require Skype subscription (Skype credits) to make calls to a landlines or mobile number.

The interview was featured in CNN’s prime-time political programming, and Toobin took part in a discussion on Anderson Cooper 360, all via Skype Video.

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