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","alert_account_logout_confirm_btn_logout":"Sign out","alert_account_logout_confirm_title":"Sign out","alert_account_password_mismatch_body":"Make sure to type the same password twice.","alert_account_password_mismatch_title":"Passwords don’t match","alert_account_password_short_body":"Your Nest Account password needs to be at least characters.","alert_account_password_short_title":"Password too short","alert_app_swu_body":"To continue, you need the latest version of the app.","alert_app_swu_btn_update":"Update","alert_app_swu_title":"Update the Nest app","alert_auto_pair_body":"A Nest thermostat has been detected on your network.\n\n Go to the thermostat to add it to your account.","alert_auto_pair_btn_dont_add":"Don’t add","alert_auto_pair_confirm_body":"Go to the thermostat and confirm you want to add it.","alert_auto_pair_title":"Thermostat found","alert_autotune_challenge_stop_btn_dont_stop":"Don’t stop","alert_autotune_challenge_stop_btn_stop":"Stop","alert_autotune_challenge_stop_nosavings_body":"Your new schedule will save energy for the rest of the season (weather dependent).","alert_autotune_challenge_stop_title":"Stop Seasonal Savings","alert_autotune_demand_response_speedbump_body":"Should Nest continue automatic adjustments?

This is a great way to be notified if your camera has been unplugged or misconfigured and is not time lapsing.

NOTE: You must have at least one active time-lapse for alerts to work.

You've reached the maximum amount of clients online at the same time.

Please log out from other client to sign in to this one.

","alert_schedule_force_update_schedule_body":"You need to update the Nest app to make changes to the schedule.","alert_schedule_force_update_schedule_btn_get_update":"Get update","alert_schedule_force_update_schedule_title":"Update Nest app","alert_schedule_setpoint_delete_repeat_question_day1":"Remove this time just on Monday or all occurrences?

Please enter correct email or phone number Please enter your email or phone number Wrong password, please re-enter it.

It’s the cheaper, smaller, and more reliable of the two we tested, so there’s no reason not to go with it.

The BIO-key Side Swipe Compact USB Fingerprint Reader () is officially endorsed and sold by Microsoft, but didn’t work as well in our tests.

It now allows you to sign into apps and websites via Microsoft Edge, too.

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