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"It's a little suspect," Perkins says politely. Men, some of you are Bad At Sex—and much of the time, it's because every woman likes something different and sometimes men fail to ask what a particular woman likes best.

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Week 7: All Your Data Are Belong to Us From legal collection of information (companies and government) to illegal data gathering via hacking and data leaks, data is the new currency.

Control Week 8: The Naked Bits: Control of the Digital Body This week will look at the debates around pornography from the efforts to stop and restrict access to porn online to the rise of amateur porn – both public and (supposedly) private – and the debates over the naked and the sexual body online.

Laurie Betito, described the potential to connect with Pornhub's estimated 70 million daily visitors as a "dream".

"Heading the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center is an opportunity to reach a global audience and provide a source for healthy sexual education and dialogue.

Or, rather, rows of computer monitors displaying full-screen, close-up footage of human vulvas.

Skin, hair, pink parts, shine; clitoris at the top of the screen, labia extending down toward the keyboard.

Speech Week 2: Monitored Web, Deep Web, Dark Web This week will introduce the concepts and technologies behind the deep web and the dark web and consider the role of commercial and government monitoring of the web and how this plays into the debate about anonymity and freedom. This week will explore the controversies around freedom of speech in online spaces, online harassment and the rise on online extremism.

Week 4: Don’t Believe Everything you Read: Fake News and the Echo Chamber This week will look at the theoretical framework around information sharing online and with relation to the rise of fake news and the spread of misinformation in increasingly divided digital environments.

Commerce Week 5: Buyer Beware: Digital Scams and Digital Scammers This week will focus on online scams and battle for your inbox.

Week 6: The Silk Road and Digital High This week will consider the sale and distribution of drugs and other illegal merchandize though online forum and market places.

For a onetime fee of , it promised, women and men could buy access to an impressively stocked database of practical answers to the question "How can I make sex more rewarding for the woman involved?

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