What does validating feelings mean best dating intro lines

Our conversation quickly shifted to my compliment of how she used such effective validation skills.

She informed me that she has taken lots of communication courses on validation and it showed!

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Individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD) can have very strong emotional responses to events that seem minor to outside observers.

As a result, people with BPD frequently experience emotional invalidation, that is, others react to their emotions as if those emotions are not valid or reasonable.

Frankly, if you are the friend or family member of someone with BPD, it can be very hard to have a validating response to emotions that seem out of proportion with the situation.

But invalidating your loved one’s response probably doesn’t help.

Validation really is such a simple and effective communication skill.

If used correctly, it can quickly dismantle power struggles, resolve arguments and build trust.Validation is an opportunity to communicate that your spouse's heart and emotions are important to you, regardless of whether you agree or they make sense to you. " • "You are not being rational." • "It's nothing to get upset over.When you validate your spouse, you recognize, value and accept his or her deepest thoughts, opinions, ideas, beliefs and emotions. You shouldn't let it bother you." • "You should be over that by now." That is a pretty sobering list.The message is that it's OK to think or feel the way he or she does.Validation occurs when we help our spouse feel unconditionally accepted.When I finally got the chance to make the call, I was annoyed and frustrated over the inconvenience of the whole situation.

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