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Miranda wore her mother’s wedding dress and the pair exchanged vows in front of 550 family members and friends including Reba Mc Entire, Kelly Clarkson, and “I don’t see why not. Sooner or later we’re going to run into each other in the hallway and something’s going to be created I’m sure. , a public display of affection that seemingly caught both artists by surprise — especially Shelton, who was married at the time.

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(Photo Credit: Getty Images) Blake, 39, and Miranda — who started dating in 2005 and tied the knot in May 2011 — announced their divorce after four years of marriage in late July.

Though the couple never had children, those close to the "Little Red Wagon" singer confessed Miranda hasn't given up on her dream of welcoming a baby in the future.

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"She can't wait to one day have children, if it's meant to be, and have a husband again. "Her music, friends and family is what makes her feel the best at this point in her life.

but the pair recently took their relationship to another level. 4, Stefani’s rep exclusively confirmed to Us Weekly that the country singer, 39, and the No Doubt frontwoman, 46, had started dating.

PHOTOS: Before they were on The Voice Though the ball really got rolling this summer after they split from their respective spouses — Shelton and Miranda Lambert ended their four-year marriage in July, while Stefani and Gavin Rossdale announced their divorce in August — the chemistry between these two has been apparent for years.Although his cheating is strongly denounced by Blake’s camp as the reason for the divorce, two years ago, Life & Style magazine reported that Miranda found out about an inappropriate relationship with singer Cady Groves back in 2011.Sources speculated that Miranda never really forgave Blake for this.The country crooner, 39, told the magazine that their romance was slow to start since they were both going through high-profile breakups when they first met as fellow coaches on the set of The Voice in 2015."We were starting The Voice last year, and I had to sit down and go, ' Look, by the time this thing airs, my life will have completely changed, and we need to talk about this now because it may affect what we talk about on the show,’” Shelton said, recalling his divorce from wife Miranda Lambert last July.Fortunately for both of them, they were able to bond over their crumbling marriages.On Monday, July 20, 2015, Country music’s most loved couple, Blake Shelton, 39, and Miranda Lambert, 31, announced news of the couple’s divorce to the shocked public. S.," the initials of the plaintiff (Shelton) and defendant (Lambert).

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