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means inhabiting two very different roles: in the first act: Dot, George Seurat’s mistress and a frequent model for his paintings . “By the time I exit, I hope that you believe that I’m 98,” Ashford, chuckling, told on the morning after the show’s opening. and, in the second act (which skips ahead a century), the 98-year-old Marie, Dot’s daughter.

Founded in 1804, it reopened on Veterans Day after a three-year, $65 million refit.

A statue of Abraham Lincoln ushers you into a new entrance and lobby on Central Park West, which is typical of a joyfully imaginative renovation.

The project initially was birthed as a two-night run at New York City Center last year, with, at first, only Gyllenhaal attached.

Ashford says when she saw that Gyllenhaal was taking on the musical, she said to her husband, “God I would love to do that—but they’ll never pick me.” When they did, in fact, pick her, Ashford was somewhat taken aback: “When they called to find out if I was available and to make sure that I could sing a low note in the show, I was totally shocked and overwhelmed and absolutely honored.

On the floor beneath your feet are little windows, revealing archaeological finds such as an oyster shell, a wooden water pipe and – awfully – a murdered child’s shoes.

On a wall nearby, hang historical objects, illuminated by video screens that tell you their story.Downstairs is just about the nicest children’s museum I have ever seen, and upstairs an exhibition of new photographs by Platon of civil-rights campaigners.In a city rich in top-ranking attractions, this nevertheless feels like a place to which you might want to return again and again to see the history around you cleverly brought to life.“That’s always the goal.” Ashford, 31 years old herself, says she thinks of the two women she is playing in the show as two distinct people.“I feel very motherly toward Marie when I’m Dot, and I feel very daughterly toward Dot when I’m Marie.”Ashford’s standout performance in the revival—opposite Jake Gyllenhaal (who plays George in the first act, and then George’s grandson in the second act)—has earned her plaudits ( described her as “luminous” in the role, as she “makes you appreciate the acuity of her insights into what George is and does”).Peters was romantically involved with co-star Steve Martin for several years.

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