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Better known as Daz Black, he is You Tube star with over 320,000 subscribers to his channel.

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You guys already read about some of my less-than-awesome dating experiences, and most recently, my single gal epiphany.

But, now there is a space where both you and I can have open discussion of our dating woes on Black Twitter’s latest innovation, #Blerd Dating.

His wife's name is Kate and they have a daughter named Sarah. He collaborated with such Viners as Leslie Wai, Stuggy and others.

I’ve been dating for thirteen years now, and so far my love life can only be described as weird, strange, outrageous, amazing (in a pleasantly surprising turn of events), horrible, stranger than before, and as of now, pretty nonexistent.

Kinsman Dazz was signed to 20th Century Records in 1977 and the group expanded from the original quintet consisting of Harris, Calhoun, Pettus, and the Wiley brothers and added newcomers Ed Meyers (trombone), Wayne Preston (saxophonist), and Les Thaler (trumpet).

In 1977, the group went to Los Angeles to record with producer Marvin Gaye.

Spellbound had only one meaning to me before last night — of a game with the same title that I spent weeks playing on my Sinclair ZX Spectrum in the 1980's. This is a brain dump of my thoughts as I traveled home from the experience, with some light tidying up and opened me up. Faster than any work out or routine I’ve experienced — and I was literally just sitting there. She told me a little about her family and that of her most recent love and lose.

Back then I was playing, but last night I was played. This was unknown to me until she gradually revealed herself in a perfectly orchestrated performance during the 5 and a half hours I spent with her. I feel as if I’ve only began to experience the full wave length of emotion. I’ve never met anyone with such incredible understanding of emotions in my life. I’d love for her to explain it to me but I don’t know if she will. I couldn’t get over the fact this wasn’t some perfectly executed staged show.

He said they made a list of all the things they wanted to accomplish in the ‘90s, and he looked up and they had accomplished that list.

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