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His attorney plans to motion for a new trial, and accused the judge of bias.

Include 8 100% free dating websites to meet Thai singles. Launched in 2007 as an international Thai dating site, to help Thai women meet foreign men, now ...

It's not yet clear what Moore's relationship was to the young girl, nor her age.

Moore, who played Terrence, the younger brother of Malcolm alongside Lisa Raye Mc Coy and Denise Vasi, testified during court but reportedly couldn't explain why the girl would falsely accuse him.

April falls in love with a new guy (with a certain, ahem, fixation.) Omar and Derek adopt, but come to realize they have different parenting styles.

self-made American television producer is the CEO and president of 495 Productions, which launched in 2006 and has been a success ever since.

And, of course, they talked relationships and love: Despite her hectic schedule, this accomplished bachelorette is open to the idea of getting married one day to someone who’s willing to support her ambitions as a thriving businesswoman.

As she told us in our celebrity video interview, “I’m not anti-marriage; I’m anti-ball and chain!

This, of course, doesn't make Malcolm feel too great.

Keisha is frustrated with Malcolm when she discovers he's still involved with his ex-wife.

She grew up riding horses, and he was the stableboy.

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