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The talented Marsha Ambrosius accepted her boyfriend turned fiancé’s proposal over the last holiday break and gave BIRTH during this one!Yes Marsha Ambrosius and Dez Billups welcomed their first child into the world and introduced her to everyone via Instagram on Christmas day.“It’s not about trying to replace Marsha because Marsha is irreplaceable,” she says.

There they met Darren "Limitless" Henson and Keith "Keshon" Pelzer of DJ Jazzy Jeff's Touch Of Jazz studio and began recording.

She also worked with Michael Jackson - she composed and sang as back-vocal the song "Butterflies" from the album " Invincible" released in 2001 and in 2002 it was publicated a single version of this song.

For college Ambrosius planned to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, but could not due to an injury.

Stewart attended Middlesex University in London and later transferred to North London University. Stewart was a founding member of the performance poetry group 3 Plus 1 which was rising to Han Solo in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Their neo-soul sultriness and unique mixture of poetry and song quickly gained the attention of music lovers and critics alike, garnering a total of seven Grammy nominations.

Floetry, which was composed of Marsha Ambrosius (“The Songstress”) and Natalie Stewart (“The Floacist”), later released a live album, in 2005. Stewart’s solo album in 2010 that Stewart left the group and it was “the biggest heartbreak” she ever had to go through. “The vibration and ebb and flow of Floetry is very precious to me.

Surprisingly, the bathroom mirror didn’t get steamy but her fans lost their minds. It’s a girl and she is hopelessly in love with the father, her boyfriend Dez.

“For us that’s just Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday,” the 39-year-old singer says. That day – I don’t know what possessed us to record it, but it’s stuff that we do at home. “It’s weird reading the comments like, ‘Oh, I didn’t know Marsha Ambrosius is pregnant,'" she says.

After going through what she describes as a partly “forced” and partly necessary spiritual silence, the 34-year-old has begun to speak about the break-up.

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