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However even just a short while ago closeted lesbians and little girls didn’t have lesbian role models.They didn’t have safety or security or anyone to look up to."Lots of people misunderstand because of the roles he plays.

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Fox, 24, has been best known as Alex Keaton, the comical, reactionary son of two former flower children in NBC's a smart, sweet movie in which his character, Marty Mc Fly, travels in time and encounters his parents as high-school students, with near disastrous results for all.

An army brat and the fourth of five children, Fox appears years younger than his age.

Nancy was known for her ability to cry on demand on the set and she was dubbed “faucet face” by her co-stars. In 1995 Nancy starred in her own show “” which lasted one season. She starred in another sitcom, The Division from 2001 – 2004.

During the 1980s and 1990s Nancy starred in a variety of TV movies, including about his movie and financial successes (pun). At least she’s not a drug addict or drunk, I’ll give her that. To see the opening of The Facts of Life click here.

Fox zips down through the roof, rips a sheet of paper from his notebook, and scribbles his autograph and passes it out the window to an outstretched hand.

After the limo drops Fox off, I turn to his driver and bodyguard of four days and say, "What a good kid." "He's not a kid," the driver replies.I've since watched that several times," she added with a laugh. The girls were so squeaky clean that not only did they not smoke, but they finally convinced Rae to give up her five-cigarettes-a-day habit.While behind-the-scenes drama is a common occurrence on some sets, it wasn't the case on In fact, the most rebellious thing to happen was apparently Mc Keon and Whelchel's decision to put on someone's brother's underwear and go trick-or-treating at around age 18 or 19. "They kept pulling them out of my mouth," she recalled.Hidden however without a label of being a lesbian was Nancy Mc Keon as “Jo Polniaczek” in the TV show . This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is Nancy Mc Keon playing Jo Polniaczek – our ultimate role model.Jo Polniaczek had a raw masculine energy and never tried to be anything but herself.Not a lot of actresses get hotter with age but it’s working for Nancy Mc Keon.

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