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It’s become the new American dream: Land a role on a reality TV show, record your own album, and star in a spin-off reality TV show.

Monday on Bravo and will continue for seven additional episodes. I thought, “I’m not doing this show with Slade.” Had it not been for my two best friends, Katie and Myia, who convinced me, I wouldn’t have done it. We took a very fun, light-hearted approach to the show. OCR: And Jo, what was your reaction when Slade gave you his advice or opinion? OCR: Jo, were you really expecting to find love on this show? Would you have done anything differently had you known it at the time? I don’t think I would have been as affectionate with some of the guys. OCR: You’ve seen the tabloids and comments on our Web site and TMZ. Why go on a show like this when you want to be taken seriously as a musician?

In “The Real Housewives” and in real life, De La Rosa left the comfy confines of Coto de Caza and Smiley’s house to pursue a music career in Los Angeles. OCR: Is “Date My Ex” real, or is it a reality TV gimmick to give you exposure? I’m not looking for marriage, a boyfriend, anything serious. It’s not “The Bachelorette.” But it is a little soap opera. I figured, if I could be involved in helping her with this guy or that guy, all the better. De La Rosa: I definitely listen to what Slade has to say. De La Rosa: I was really focused on my music career. (The new show) kind of taught me to be vulnerable again. De La Rosa: Because I just have, my spirit and personality are always going to be spontaneous.

But in a weird twist, the suitors must live with Smiley in his house as they compete for De La Rosa’s affection. Smiley: The word went out, if people are interested in dating Jo (they could). Until they arrive at my house, and they’re told they’re moving in. OCR: In the first episode, there’s one guy whom you distrust and you ask him to volunteer to leave the show.

Smiley will grill the guys and give advice to his ex. I could tell by the conversations – they’re not really sure who I am.

"Our focus is really on trying to have a baby of our own," the 37-year-old explained to the magazine, adding that spending $200,000 on a wedding "right this minute" isn't a priority.

Although Rossi and Smiley have put their wedding plans on hold for now, that isn't to say that they are unsure about tying the knot.

Gretchen Rossi began dating Slade Smiley eight years ago after losing her former fiance, Jeff, to leukemia.

Following the devastating loss, Rossi and Smiley hit it off after meeting through his former fiancee, Jo de la Rosa, who previously starred on That said, Rossi does have a few requirements.

We are so grateful to all those who have supported us and wished us well during this process.

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