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If you want all of that to go well in the right order, your gonna have to take time, and go through every one of those stages.But if were talking about dating, dating is mostly important to see how much you love each other.God has created marriage to reveal more about Him and how awesome He is.

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First Western men viewed Russian women as a mere exotics, but soon it became clear that it is not their beauty that draws Western men.

Feminism reigns in Western countries for more or less fifty years, but in Russia it has much lesser impact.

While the dating rulebook certainly isn’t law — don’t wait three days to call her, just do it — there are certain dating principles to follow if you want to set any relationship up for success. When in doubt, say a little too much rather than attempt coyness around uncomfortable situations.

Here are ten of my favorite dating commandments: Dating commandment #1: It all starts with you. If you have baggage stemming from a previous relationship, don’t pretend you don’t.

It’s the same advice your mom gave you on the first day of school: be yourself. If you don’t understand a political reference in a conversation, ask for clarification. If you don’t know what you want before you start dating someone, you might get caught up in a romance that is ultimately destined to fail.

Present yourself authentically, laugh at the things you find funny, share your personal viewpoints on hot topics, wear your favorite geeky sweater, and give your date an opportunity to get to know the real you. If your date asks a question you don’t want to answer, tell her that you don’t feel comfortable answering it instead of avoiding it by giving a dishonest answer.

Dating simply means spending time together away from your regular places of connection such as home, school, work and other places you usually spend time.

Dating could mean time in a park, visiting a movie or coffee shop, or just a walk through the streets.

In Russian culture, the main goal of most women is to build a strong and healthy family.

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