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To improve customers' support experiences when running Windows Server on virtualization technologies other than Hyper-V™ and Virtual Server, Microsoft has launched the Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP).

Hyper-V Supported Virtual Machines and Guest Operating Systems Microsoft Server Software and Supported Virtualization Environments Microsoft Server Software Support for Windows Azure Virtual Machines SVVP is open to any vendor that delivers a machine virtualization solution that runs currently supported versions of Windows Server.

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Implement data validation in a Windows Phone app created by using the Windows Phone Share Point List Application template.

In a Windows Phone app intended for production use, you likely need to validate data entered by users to, for example, enforce business logic relevant to your particular circumstances, or to ensure appropriate formatting of entered values, or simply to catch mistakes before saving values to a Share Point list.

Note that the version of Windows Server that was tested for validation and is listed for the virtualization product is supported, and that all the previous versions of Windows Server are supported as well.

Microsoft Life Cycle Support policy still applies for support and end of support for specific versions of an operating system and Service Packs.

Some of these basic validation rules are also enforced by default in a Windows Phone app created from the Windows Phone Share Point List Application template.

If you enter anything other than a date value in a field that is bound to a Share Point field of Date and Time type in the Edit form of a Windows Phone app based on a Share Point list, you see a validation error message when the focus shifts from the Text Box control associated with the field. Validation error cue in a Windows Phone app The text box labeled "Start Time" in the Edit form is bound to a Date and Time field in the Share Point list on which this sample app is based.There are several steps to setup a Windows cluster for SQL Server and in this tip we will focus on the SQL Server 2014 cluster installation prerequisites and Windows cluster validation to validate the Windows cluster health prior to installing SQL Server.Windows Server Failover Clustering provides infrastructure features that support the high-availability and disaster recovery scenarios of hosted server applications such as Microsoft SQL Server.Volume Licensing customers have their own keys that are used to activate their upgrades to Windows 10.The process below has worked for me on a Windows 7 desktop (home built) and a Windows 8.1 laptop (HP Spectre x360).First: if you are not on Windows 7 (with SP1) or .1 there is no free upgrade option to Windows 10.

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