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Unfortunately, I don’t think it promotes financially savvy and independent women.

Then again, the girls’ experiences of dating rich men was enough to get them a book deal and perhaps they can start buying their own Louis Vuittons now!

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Sources told the paper, that the decorations were “bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes, and everyone smoked the whole night".

The couple - who have a 17-year age gap - currently live in a .25 million townhouse in New York's Lower East Side.

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The women who started DABA noticed their romantic relationships with investment bankers and traders tanked with the economy.

The women said that as the economy went down, the stock market shed points, and jobs were being cut on Wall Street their sex lives, gifts and date nights were cut as well. Women write in to tell their dating stories and misfortunes of having their trips to foreign countries cut, their bottle service being eliminated and how sad it is that someone would want to move to the Midwest for a more affordable lifestyle.

“A few weeks before the election most customers were younger and weren’t old enough to buy guns in ’94 when the assault-weapons ban took effect, but they’d heard stories from their parents,” Irwin said. It’s like they read the story of Robin Hood and thought he was robbing the wrong people. But for the sake of all the other Dallas residents let’s hope they fix the levees and that never comes to pass.

“On Wednesday, the older folks woke up and said, ‘Oh, crap. Because they don’t really care about cutting your taxes. And, since somebody eventually has to pay the bill for all the costs the government incurs when it’s out invading sovereign countries that have never threatened us, who do you think gets left with the tab? I don’t know if journalism is dead, dying or simply evolving, but you can’t turn around these days without seeing a newspaper shuttering its doors.

While watching Republican presidential candidate John Mc Cain’s concession speech, gun owner AJ Sullivan had a sinking feeling. That’s what it comes down to,” said Sullivan, 25, a Texas Christian University student.

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