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Facebook did not immediately respond to a Buzz Feed News request asking for more detail on its anti-terrorist systems.

The details Facebook offered on its approach to fighting terrorism — executed by a combination of AI, humans, and partnerships with tech companies, governments, and NGOs — provided a window into the magnitude of the problem it faces.

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“We remove terrorists and posts that support terrorism whenever we become aware of them.”The forceful response was clearly meant to ward off criticism from politicians such as British prime minister Theresa May and French president Emmanuel Macron, who met earlier this week to discuss "a joint campaign to ensure that the internet cannot be used as a safe space for terrorists and criminals.”Facebook has said it’s already doing what May wants — she’s demanded internet companies “deprive the extremists of their safe spaces online” — so it’s unclear if Thursday’s response will satisfy her.

May has opposed freely available end-to-end encryption in the past, which makes communication essentially inaccessible to third parties and is a key feature of the Facebook-owned Whats App.

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